Thank you for choosing the Painted Lady for your next tattoo experience. Our artists are versed in many different styles to make your artistic visions come to life. If your are new to the process, take a minute to browse our artists portfolios online, or come on in to the shop during our hours of business for a consultation right on the spot with the artist of your choosing. You can always call us at (520) 326-8450 and speak with one of our artists (granted he/she is not tattooing at the moment). Regardless how you contact us, we are eager to work on your custom tattoo or artwork.

Contact our artists directly via email:
















              Brandon Roberts

FOCUS: black & grey or color realism and/or fine art.

               Sheryl Lake

FOCUS: realism with a design element.

               Nat Duran

FOCUS: Junior artist, focusing on colorful design pieces 

               Kyle Roll

FOCUS: American Neo-Traditional


FOCUS: Blackwork:/Stippling/Linework/Geometrics/Florals

               Nate Brinker

FOCUS: Custom and traditional imagery with an illustrative approach.


Shop Hours


  12:00pm -8:00pm



  Sundays- closed


Front Desk



email: paintedladyaz@gmail.com

Shop Address 

1726 E Speedway Bvd

Tucson, Arizona 85719

Please note that we cannot give quotes over the phone.  In order for us to be at our best we need to see the design and the desired area of your body.


Once you have communicated your design with an artist and have been provided with proper feedback, the consultation process is complete! Now we move onto an appointment phase of the process. All appointments require a non-refundable deposit ranging between $25-$50 to ensure that our artists do not spend time drawing your tattoo for nothing. The deposit amount will then be applied to your total amount due after the first session.


Note that not all tattoos need a consultation, if you have something simple like lettering or a logo for example, you may be able to walk in on whatever date you are free and get your tattoo right on the spot.






Q- What sort of documentation do I need to bring in to get a tattoo?

A- All clients, adults and minors, must have a valid I.D. We accept Passports, state and military I.D.


Q- Do you take walk-in appointments?

A- Yes, we do. But call in ahead of time to make sure we are not too busy.


Q- I am under the age of 18 (minor), can I get tattooed?

A- We do tattoos minors 16 and older, however minors can only get tattooed with a parent present. Birth certificate and valid Ids required from parent and minor by law. No exceptions!


Q- Is Your Tattoo Shop Clean?

A- Yes. We take sanitation and the sterility of our equipment and venue very seriously. We consider the process of administering a tattoo to be like that of surgery. All items and surfaces are sterile. Any reputable tattoo shop should do the same.


Q- What if it's my "FIRST" tattoo?

A- Of course you need to expect pain, sitting still for long periods of time and the healing process. Some people find that sitting in an uncomfortable position for longer periods of time is more of a discomfort than the pain from the tattoo itself.


Q- What are the most painful areas of the body to have tattooed?

A- Generally the soft tissue areas are the more painful spots. For example the outside of the arm, a part of the body which comes in to contact with clothing and other objects more often is tougher and less sensitive. Its one of the least painful spots on the body to have tattooed. While the inside of the arm comes into contact with less through out your life and hurts more during the tattoo experience. The ankles, calves and back of legs are fairly painful, as are the ribs, sternum, throat and wrists.


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