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Michael Albert

My name is Michael Albert and I am a Tucson AZ based traditional and neo traditional artist. Born and raised in the desert I find that a large portion of my inspiration comes from what dwells within it. Captivated by its mythos and culture, I push to incorporate a little of its beauty in my art. I have been drawing all my life and pushing the mediums I use all throughout it. Tattooing has always been an important platform for me, that has allowed me to take clients ideas and create a forever lasting design, to take with them through out their lives. 


I started my professional tattooing carrier in a walk in shop and have been trained to work on the fly and crank out tattoos from the time you get there to the time you leave. I love neo traditional and traditional design especially animals, birds, and critters. I love pushing big, punchy, bright color into all of my designs along with the flatter pastel colors. I would love to hear what your looking to get and get you in the chair. Thank you. 

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