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The Painted Lady


Debuting in the early hours of 2008 as Inkaholics Anonymous, our shop has provided quality work and service to you, your friends, and the community, since the moment we opened our doors. Eager and enthusiastic with some rebranding, our staff has a fresh new outlook and will continue to provide custom tattoos and designs for our clients.

We are proud to offer paramedical areola and nipple tattooing, along with micoblading and other permanent cosmetic procedures in addition to our tattooing. 

Shop Hours

  Mon. 12 - 5 pm

  Tues.- Sat. 12 - 7 pm

  Sun. - CLOSED




Front Desk:


Shop Address

   903 N Swan Rd

  Tucson, Arizona 85711



We approach every appointment professionally, we expect you'll do the same. Visit our Appointments Page for full details of our booking process and what you can expect from our shop.

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