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Brandon Roberts

Years of Tattoo Experience

Being a tattoo artist has given me the unique experience to expand my artistic mind and style, while also working with the unique canvas that is human skin. Honing in on a style that is both new and unique has been a most enjoyable process when it comes to my art. Drawing inspiration internally, I have been extremely happy with the direction my art is going. I love surrounding my art with a story, a moment in time that was once forgotten or never captured, only to exist in the depths of my mind.

Applying the shroud of mystery and beauty that comes from my fine art, to the unique tattoo experience of every one of my clients, is very fun. Everybody has a different idea and feeling that they want to portray, and I’m more than happy to put a unique twist to it, giving them a piece of art that they may not have expected, but love all the same. Working with the body is so uniquely different from a flat surface. You can apply movement to a piece that compliments the shape of an arm, shoulder, or calf.

I look forward to working with the many fun and unique ideas that everybody brings me. Like I said, I draw inspiration from my soul and mind but one of the many gifts of being an artist is to be able to work with other artists, drawing ideas from the many different pieces of art out there. In many ways, the world we live in is one giant piece of art, and sharing that with people brings me great satisfaction.

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